Sunday, April 22, 2018

One of us is officially off the market!

I still remember back in those days when we were still little kids! We were giggling to our own version of funny jokes and running around chasing each other. We are always together. The three of us - maybe because of the small age gap between us and we don't really have much choice to play with because of our (then) small-sized family. This is my closest and most cherished cousins — Introducing, Farah and Fy.

Me in the middle. Left: Fy (in dress). Right: Farah.
Farah has the same age as mine but as for Fy, she is a year older. Regardless of our age, since we are bond by blood, not even a pinch of seniority or superiority exists among us. That's because we practically grow up together. There were numerous events of sleepover back in the days because that's how clingy of us with each other! It is still vivid in my mind about those fun times we had together - we played Club Penguin until the break of the dawn, played gamed on Y8 and miniclip, watching movies, exploring Yahoo! Messenger and online chat rooms (major influenced by Dunia Baru), gone through the dark times of Myspace, high school experiences, and... hmm, marriage? Ha!


Of course, like any other child, we had that small talks about marriage - on who's going to get married first, being bridesmaids, wedding themes, etc. /que Taylor Swift's Today was a Fairytale/ We were anticipating for the moment who shall be wed first among us. And the moment has came and celebrated by our (now) big families on 25th March 2018, Sunday.

Come on, take a guess!
Which of us got married first?

It was Fy! 🎉

Obviously and expected lah! 😆

Congratulations Fy! We are so happy you finally found the one for you. Ooooh after so many yearsssss of anticipation for this moments!!! At last! Welcome to our family, bro! Yknow what they said, "if you wanna be her lover, gotta get with her cousins" lmao there's a slight alternation there but you get want I mean right :P Take care of my babe, bro. You seem like a good gentleman. Semoga kekal bahagia hingga ke Jannah yall! :D

Well... Who's next? 😜

Thursday, June 22, 2017

starting degree

Woah it has been a reaaally long time since I updated my blog so, here's a quick, brief update about me! I finally finished my foundation September last year and entered UIA Gombak to pursue LLB in January 2017 :) There you go! Short and sweet update.

Okay, let's get into this. My first semester of my degree life. Oh ya! If you are wondering, I'm reading Law soo here's my journey in AIKOL. If you asked me to describe the journey in 3 words, I'd say - confused, hectic and positive. The first two words weren't that great right? Well yeah, I had some shitty period while adjusting myself in here but thankfully, I managed to gather some positivity despite being confused (in tutorial and lectures typically) and tired chasing datelines.

If you're reading this and you're ex-CFS that are going to pursue law later, I really recommend you to start working on your time management, cut the slack and be really passionate. If you're wondering "um is it really that bad?" wellll, before this kan even in my SPM or CFS years I was not into coffee and really tak suka coffee. Masuk je degree, I started to drink coffee like weekly sebab I need it to stay awake and energetic.. In short, the studies really consume a whole lot of your energy so, don't say I didn't warn or advise you to be prepared! If you're used to take 5 subjects in CFS when you entered the main campus, you'll be shocked because you're going to take like 7 subjects with minimum 15 credit hours - your body would be shook at the schedule after lazing for 3 months, you might have problem keeping up with homework and you'd be weirded out at tutorial class ~ because that's me in the first few weeks of lectures. Then I finally picked up with the schedule, adjusting and understand the system with help and motivation from seniors, friends and family.

In my first semester of first year, freshie of course amik basic law 101 classes lah lol so I took:
  1. Law of Contract I
  2. Law of Torts I
  3. Malaysian Legal System
  4. Islamic Legal System
  5. Transaction in Islamic Legal System I

Monday, June 13, 2016

Goodbye semester 3!

It's best if I start my post with salam since I have been abandoned this blog for 6 months so, Assalamualaikum!! Salam Ramadhan Kareem! Alhamdulillah, we have another chance to meet Ramadhan again this year so I hope all of us will make the most out of it, insyaAllah. I am currently at home, enjoying my semester break. This year, I finally had the chance to celebrate the first Ramadhan with my family. It was pure bliss. I am enjoying and taking advantage every moment at home.

Semester 3 has ended (like a month ago haha) and I unbelievably survived. Honestly, semester 3 is the most stressful semester to me compared to previous semesters and maybe it's because I got too comfortable when I'm in semester 2, I guess? I only took 2 subjects (ICT and Law & Society) during short semester so, it's not too packed and I had plenty of time watching k-dramas and movies back at CFS. But for semester 3, I took 4 subjects (Arabic, Intro to Law, Public Speaking & Islamic Revealed Knowledge) and compulsary Fardhu Ayn class so that make it 5 subjects in total smh. I was barely hanging but thank God it's over now. Phew.

However despite all the pressure, I actually gained a lot of things and experiences in this semester. Like, a lot! For this post, I'm going to share some of the highlights from this 5-month-of-torture-but-meaningful semester so, let's get starteddd!


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