Thursday, June 22, 2017

starting degree

Woah it has been a reaaally long time since I updated my blog so, here's a quick, brief update about me! I finally finished my foundation September last year and entered UIA Gombak to pursue LLB in January 2017 :) There you go! Short and sweet update.

Okay, let's get into this. My first semester of my degree life. Oh ya! If you are wondering, I'm reading Law soo here's my journey in AIKOL. If you asked me to describe the journey in 3 words, I'd say - confused, hectic and positive. The first two words weren't that great right? Well yeah, I had some shitty period while adjusting myself in here but thankfully, I managed to gather some positivity despite being confused (in tutorial and lectures typically) and tired chasing datelines.

If you're reading this and you're ex-CFS that are going to pursue law later, I really recommend you to start working on your time management, cut the slack and be really passionate. If you're wondering "um is it really that bad?" wellll, before this kan even in my SPM or CFS years I was not into coffee and really tak suka coffee. Masuk je degree, I started to drink coffee like weekly sebab I need it to stay awake and energetic.. In short, the studies really consume a whole lot of your energy so, don't say I didn't warn or advise you to be prepared! If you're used to take 5 subjects in CFS when you entered the main campus, you'll be shocked because you're going to take like 7 subjects with minimum 15 credit hours - your body would be shook at the schedule after lazing for 3 months, you might have problem keeping up with homework and you'd be weirded out at tutorial class ~ because that's me in the first few weeks of lectures. Then I finally picked up with the schedule, adjusting and understand the system with help and motivation from seniors, friends and family.

In my first semester of first year, freshie of course amik basic law 101 classes lah lol so I took:
  1. Law of Contract I
  2. Law of Torts I
  3. Malaysian Legal System
  4. Islamic Legal System
  5. Transaction in Islamic Legal System I
so yeap 5 core courses with 2 university-required subjects, Study Circle and Islam Worldview. These two are mandatory subjects for all IIUM students though. It affects your GPA too so, you can't go 'sambil lewa' or sleep on these. Basically? DO WELL IN EVERY SUBJECTS THAT YOU TOOK LA HAHAH. But the best thing was only in these two classes lah I got to see and talk to students from other kuliyyah. It got boring in aikol sometimes because you practically see the same or familiar faces every day so seeing other faces makes me feel like the world is a bigger place! But actually, if you go to the mosque for prayers you'd feel the same too... like picisan yang baru je start belajo huhuhuhu.

Honestly, I cried several times yo because I was pressured to quickly finish this assignment so I could start doing another assignment. That's typically the case lah sebab I am a perfectionist - some assignments really took extra time for me to finish up. Tambahan lagi, my time management was a bit sucks and I did things ikut mood and dared to procrastinate so kencanglah pressure tu. Heh, salah sendiri kan ha padan muka ngehngeh but I learnt my lessons. Ada time yang I nangis sebab my perfectionist in me disagree with the quality of my work sebab macam cincai and sambil lewa!! To improve the work memang I've no idea how and tak cukup masa to do extra readings as I had other things to siapkan jugak so masa tu rasa macam berperang dengan diri sendiri je! smh I hope for the upcoming semesters, I won't feel that again sebab it sucks and terrible! Luckily, I have these people who always lift me up 
my parents ♡ this pic is  taken on the first day aka registration day!
I wouldn't smile that big if it wasn't for them :)
the hayamers #gengmakangelaksakan
my beautiful, beloved roommates!
the group that function terox at sharing ilmu

my training and midnight companies hehe
Despite the blood, sweat and tears (pi ttam nunmul! :P), I collected good memories with friends and enjoyed the journey. These people are my stress reliever and my happy pills! Thank you for shining your light and inject happiness & fun into my degree life and making law school bearable ♡ 

I learnt a lot lah, not only about law but also about life. cewaaah. Degree life is totally a whole new experience and it's not like what I expected at all. The study style that you used back in SPM and foundation should be improvised or changed completely because studying last minute is really, REALLY TORTure so, you need to prepare your notes thoroughly early before the exam week. Lectures aren't sufficient for exam honestly, extra readings are extremely crucial for understanding.

So, I should have probably really swallowed the fact that if you're a law student, you're practically live with books and do readings constantly and study is not an option dah. It's a must.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Goodbye semester 3!

It's best if I start my post with salam since I have been abandoned this blog for 6 months so, Assalamualaikum!! Salam Ramadhan Kareem! Alhamdulillah, we have another chance to meet Ramadhan again this year so I hope all of us will make the most out of it, insyaAllah. I am currently at home, enjoying my semester break. This year, I finally had the chance to celebrate the first Ramadhan with my family. It was pure bliss. I am enjoying and taking advantage every moment at home.

Semester 3 has ended (like a month ago haha) and I unbelievably survived. Honestly, semester 3 is the most stressful semester to me compared to previous semesters and maybe it's because I got too comfortable when I'm in semester 2, I guess? I only took 2 subjects (ICT and Law & Society) during short semester so, it's not too packed and I had plenty of time watching k-dramas and movies back at CFS. But for semester 3, I took 4 subjects (Arabic, Intro to Law, Public Speaking & Islamic Revealed Knowledge) and compulsary Fardhu Ayn class so that make it 5 subjects in total smh. I was barely hanging but thank God it's over now. Phew.

However despite all the pressure, I actually gained a lot of things and experiences in this semester. Like, a lot! For this post, I'm going to share some of the highlights from this 5-month-of-torture-but-meaningful semester so, let's get starteddd!

When the timetable for semester 3 was released, I was anxious when I know I have to take ublic Speaking class. (fyi: Public Speaking is a compulsary subject for all Arts students in CFS) I won't lie, public speaking is one of my top fears. So, for the remaining days of my short sem break, I watched tons of TED talks konon nak 'get inspired' to be an awesome speakers like them.
But boy, I was wrong. Public Speaking class was awesome. I learnt many tips on how to improve our presentation to public, how to impress the audience and grab their attention. My lecturer is Sir El. He's a famous man! He often appeared in newspaper clips and on tv screen discussing about terrorism. He shared a few of his big experiences in our class. He has been to all around the world, he even got invited to the freaking White House! All of us were in awe. Our lecturer is super freaking amazing. Okay, enough already about him haha.

I really enjoy Public Speaking except when it comes to my turn to do it lol. In this class, we are taught several types of speeches which are; Impromptu speech, Informative speech, Demonstrative speech and Persuasive speech. For me, impromptu and persuasive speech are absolute nightmare haha. For impromptu, imagine you have to talk for 5-10 mins about a random topic with zero preparation. Asdfghjkl. I ended up babbled about my family because it's close to my heart, cewah. As for persuasive speech, you have to convince your audience about what you strongly believe in. You believe in sex education? Ok, but why? CONVINCE US. Man, it's so intimidating haha but thankfully I managed. You have to convince them good yknow or else they are going to bombard you with questions. If you didn't study enough, it's going to trap you bro so it's very challenging but interesting!

This subject taught me how to be patient and hard work. I khatam the whole book wei because this subject is damn heavy la. Basically, you have to learn about Islam but deeper than what you've learnt in Pendidikan Islam back in high school. My lecturer said this subject helped you to understand Islam better so that your iman can increase and if a non-Muslim question about your faith, you could tackled them easily insyaAllah. It's a really interesting subject actually but the amount of information (sirah, tauhid, fiqh, etc) you have to digest are a lot. I respect semua Muslim scholars all around the world! Tabik spring! Thankfully, I survived this subject with the help of these angels.

We called ourselves, the Amazing Five! I hope Allah will bless these souls for helping me through this subject and actually made it enjoyable haha! We took these pictures right after we finished our presentation on LGBT. We made a talk show, 20 minit bersama Ustazah Dona (forum) on transgender on tv irk 302 hahah! Introducing, ustazah Dona (me), PU Najihin Rahmat, lawyer Cik Nabilah, Dr. Wanan from University Al-Azhar and special guest, former pengkid madam Rini (Nin) xD I love you guyssssss      

- Ini Ustaz Rahiman. Sangat baik dan penyayang.
- Sebelum kelas start, ustaz selalu akan beri tazkirah sebagai sajian rohani.
- Ustaz juga menggalakkan kami untuk menghafal hadith.
- Sebelum ni tak tahu hikmah baca doa selepas azan besar sangat, lepas ustaz hurai dan suruh tasmiq hadith tu setiap kali kelas, ha memang tertanam la dalam hati.
- Lagipun ia membantu untuk kuasai bahasa arab.
- Have I mentioned that ustaz ni penyayang? He reminded me to my grandfather T___T Sangat baik.
- Juga seorang yang amat penyabar melayan karenah kami.
- Bersungguh-sungguh mengajar nak bagi kami faham!
- Ini Ustazah Halizah. Comel orangnya.
- Kelas ustazah hanya 2 kali sahaja seminggu berbanding kelas ustaz, 6 kali seminggu.
- Penyayang. Aku rasa kriteria nak jadi lecturer bahasa arab ni kena jadi seorang yang penyayang la?
- Ustazah selalu kaitankan pembelajaran kami dengan ayat-ayat dalam Al-Quran. Dia sangat tekankan yang bila belajar bahasa arab ni, cuba-cuba lah fahamkan buku suci kita. Paling best bila ustazah relate pengunaan satu perkataan Arab ni dalam Quran then your pemahaman on that ayat jadi cam omG HA'AH LA?!?! WOW!!
- Ustazah crey masa last class. Dia amat risaukan kami dan rasa bersalah sebab tak banyak mengajar but what are you talking about ustazah??? You did good?? Don't cry :(((

4. Fardhu Ayn
Remember when I told you there's Fundamental Knowledge Test (FKT) during Taaruf Week? Well, I guess I didn't do that good in that test lol so I need to go for fardhu ain class. Once a week. Basically you're learning feqah again. You will learn basic things such as wudhu', tayammum, prayers, menstruation, etc. Selain belajar selak buku, ada praktikal jugak. I had to do ablution demonstration, presentation, hafazan and assignment. Worry not! Tak efek GPA pun semua ini. Kelas ini kira pass atau fail je. Belajar lah elok-elok lagipun bagus kelas fardhu ain ni. Selain daripada ia menolong untuk refresh memory kita mengenai hukum-hakam ibadah, kita juga dapat perbaiki steps kita untuk perform wudhuk, contohnya. Banyak diskusi dalam kelas ini yang membuka minda kita. Sebenarnya senang je nak buat ibadah tapi kepala kita je yang rumitkan. So, tak sia-sia langsung la masuk kelas fardhu ain! NO SHAME! NO REGRETS!!!

Kelas paling besstttttttt!!!! The most enjoyable, fun, interesting and basically my favourite class lah! I heard a lot of sighs from my fellow coursemates about this class because you gonna have read A LOT and history references are everywhere in this subject haha so my first impression on this subject was really not that good but my beloved lecturer, Miss Adibah changed everything. Honestly, lecturer paling baik dan sempoi. I mean all of my lecturers are kind but she's the kind that I can get along with. She treated us like her brothers and sisters so it's really comfortable to be in her class.
Apart from having a wonderful lecturer, I also have an amazing teammates for group project. We were assigned to take a look at the administration system of justice in our country and our team got the famous, Federal Court of Malaysia (Mahkamah Perseketuan). I don't know how we did it but we managed to get an appointment to seek further information on this court and visit around the prestigious Mahkamah Persekutuan in Putrajaya.
I did a vlog for our trip and here is it: (Apologize for the not so great quality)
It was really a fun and an eye-opening experience. Lawyers were everywhere when we arrived there so it kinda sparked my passion to pursue law, cewah. They inspired me to be like them, maybe even better insyaAllah. We met Mr. Steven Thiru, the President of Malaysian Bar Council while were waiting to enter a proceeding. He was friendly and nice! I thought these people don't have souls haha (sorry) because seriously their aura terrify me. But no, I was wrong.. they are just human beings doing their best in their job. They can smile and be friendly too! A lot of proceedings that we went are about land matters and bankruptcy so it's not that interesting to me. In fact, it bores me. I yawned like hundred times and most of the time I spent there was just thinking "erm is it appropriate to leave now.." Sebab aku takut distract hakim and kena sound je. Look how scared I was.

Just there's one thing that I noticed while I was there it's just that there's a little number of malay lawyers. Ada tu ada je tapi tak kelihatan sangat? Most lawyers that I saw were either chinese or indian, you could see that in the video too. But chill... yang duduk atas bench, yang dihormati dan mengadili, Yang Amat Arif (hakim) majoritinya adalah melayu. Bila nampak situasi ini, aku rasa cam yeahhhh I will study smart and work hard to be an aspiring lawyer supaya aku dapat represent bangsaku di mahkamah tertinggi di malaysia ha gituw! Haha doakan aku.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pakaian Muslimah popular 2015

Sejak dari kecil, aku memang tak kisah langsung pasal pemakaian aku. Ini semua sebab dah terbiasa dengan pertolongan parents yang selalu pakaikan baju aku. Well, dulu je lah. Bila adik pertama aku lahir, aku pun mula terkial-kial cari baju mana yang patut aku pakai. Itu pun main belasah je. Bila diajak pergi berjalan, kadang-kadang main rembat je pakai baju tidur dengan cardigan +  seluar jeans. Lain hari bila rasa nak style sikit, kita letak cekak kat rambut. Haha itu dululah masa zaman puberty-tak-reached-lagi-so-tak-kisah-pasal-fashion-ni-semua.

Bila start alam sekolah menengah, baru develop rasa insecure sebab tak pandai melaram. Kawan-kawan sakan pergi H&M, Brands Outlet. Kita? Beli baju borong 2 RM10 dekat Carrefour je sebab malas nak fikir.

Now when I'm officially 18, hehe of course la dah ada sikit skill melaram. Dah tahu nak matchy matchy sikit walaupun kadang-kadang terbabas gak gayanya. Hihi.

Unik kan fashion ni? Sentiasa berubah mengikut peredaran masa. Apa yang lebih unik dan hebat bagi aku adalah semua fashion designer ni sentiasa ada je idea untuk style yang serba baru dan cool untuk para wanita, lebih-lebih lagi for us Muslimah! Tapi kalau kita tengok sekarang dunia fashion di Malaysia kini sudah terbiasa dengan koleksi pakaian moden. Kalau tengok trend pun, tak payah susah-susah tengok polls, tengok je ads kat Instagram.. berlambak instashop #sayajual baju fesyen muslimah kan? Ada yang wudhuk-friendly, clothes yang materialnya sesuai untuk iklim negara kita yang sunny ni dan bf! (mesti korang ingat boyfriend/best friend kan? Hehe, I thought that too masa mula-mula nampak dulu. But nope, it actually means breastfeeding-friendly!)

So without further ado, let's take a look at 3 types of pakaian Muslimah popular in 2015!

1) Baju kurung
Baju kurung terkini for us ladies dah banyak design yang fresh dan up-to-date dengan arus fesyen semasa. Versatile enough to pull it tak kisah la untuk pergi ke kenduri kahwin ex-boyfriend atau dinner di rumah bakal mertua anda! Tak dilupai for single ladies, you can also werk your baju kurung at work or class and show to your crush that they're missing their tulang rusuk kiri ;)

well, you can also wear it to the beach!

2) Jubah
Yasssss my favourite clothes bila start masuk UIA. Very decent, ayu dan super easy to wear and style with! Mendapat pengaruh daripada negara Timur Tengah, jubah dress is now very popular among muslimah. Semua lapisan umur boleh pakai! Jubah bukan hanya untuk makcik-makcik je ok! My 7 year-old sister, Mia pun tampak comel dengan jubahnya!
Anda bila lagi?
3) Blouse Muslimah
Easy to style for y'all fashionista stailista. Easy for me too because since I started wear muslimah blouse and tops, my mom's punya bebelan about me wearing cardigan & tshirt underneath all the time pun berkurang hehe.

Kini bila trend pakaian Muslimah sudah mula popular, Alhamdullilah makin banyak baju Muslimah yang direka precisely as what it called as. Banyak baju terkini yang designnya mengikut syariat seperti labuh di belakang, tak jarang, no more baju lengan 3 quarters and so on. But of course, the choice is in your hand, ladies! Whether to fully cover your aurah or slowly but surely :)

Since we're very near to enter a new year so, why not we put 'properly cover our aurah' as one of our new year's resolutions?! InsyaAllah, Allah will guide us and ease our hijrah alright :D Even me, myself is still trying tho, so why don't we do this all... together? :)

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