Saturday, July 21, 2012


Apparently, I'm not dreaming. After 2 months, I just realised that I'm something inside. That I have potential to get straight A in PMR. O Allah, thank YOU for giving me a wake up call.

Faith, is what I want.

Luck, is what I wish.

Success, is what I always dream about.

I'm not an idiot, neither a fool. Now I had discovered my potential, of course, I will study harder to achieve my goals. To improve my potential, to have a bright future and insyaAllah, to be a better person.

Some say, "Ah, it's only PMR! Chill! SPM lah kena bagi result gempak kat mak bapak!"
well you know what?

Giving excuses like that is just pathetic. Don't you think about your parents? Your future? Don't you think PMR could actually change your world? And why wait for SPM if you could achieve success in PMR? Why wait if you can now?
Stop giving excuses and *slap*, WAKE UP! Trial is like 10 days left and the actual PMR is getting closer! Make a little sacrifices. Less TV, Internet, games & more books! InsyaAllah, it will worth it. Have faith in yourself and God.
Salam Ramadhan, dear fellows Muslim. It is a blessing month so fill it with good deeds.
(do check my second blog. I posted something.)

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