Monday, May 27, 2013

Let's talk about my life

So, after 3 months of not posting or saying or just telling about my life so here I am, ready to expose it all. If you added in Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you'd probably know that I've changed my school because I'm accepted to MRSM Kubang Pasu, Kedah.

And it was a hella of journey. From Selangor to Kedah. From a goverment school to an elite school. Phew, sure it's tough as hell. I was so excited because it has been a dream come true for me. I've been longing to enter boarding school since I was 12! and Alhamdullilah, at the age of 16, I managed to get myself into one of the most elite schools in Malaysia :)

But things weren't always the same. The enviroment is different. The culture of study is a whole new level for me. I admit, aku ni malas gila nak belajar and time PMR dulu banyak bergantung pada tuitions to recall what have I learn and what have I forgotten semua. Now dekat sekolah baru ni, I've to struggle.
NO MORE TUITIONS. Study on your own. Usaha sendiri.

Pastu berjauhan dengan parents lagi satu hal. Ah, itu lumrah biasa bagi pelajar asrama. Bohong lah kalau tak homesick, tak rindu. Rindu tu rindu tapi takde lah sampai tergedik nak balik.

Alhamdullilah, I'm strong. Kat sana, friends were okay. Diorang semua friendly cuma I've a bit communication issue je sebab they all talk in bahasa kedah which I'm not good at but I'm learning :) Kadang-kadang sampai terkeluaq cakap kedah.

Cerita tak habis lagi but I shall continue it, InsyaAllah.
It's almost 3AM and I need to get my beauty sleep so, until next time!

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