Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pakaian Muslimah popular 2015

Sejak dari kecil, aku memang tak kisah langsung pasal pemakaian aku. Ini semua sebab dah terbiasa dengan pertolongan parents yang selalu pakaikan baju aku. Well, dulu je lah. Bila adik pertama aku lahir, aku pun mula terkial-kial cari baju mana yang patut aku pakai. Itu pun main belasah je. Bila diajak pergi berjalan, kadang-kadang main rembat je pakai baju tidur dengan cardigan +  seluar jeans. Lain hari bila rasa nak style sikit, kita letak cekak kat rambut. Haha itu dululah masa zaman puberty-tak-reached-lagi-so-tak-kisah-pasal-fashion-ni-semua.

Bila start alam sekolah menengah, baru develop rasa insecure sebab tak pandai melaram. Kawan-kawan sakan pergi H&M, Brands Outlet. Kita? Beli baju borong 2 RM10 dekat Carrefour je sebab malas nak fikir.

Now when I'm officially 18, hehe of course la dah ada sikit skill melaram. Dah tahu nak matchy matchy sikit walaupun kadang-kadang terbabas gak gayanya. Hihi.

Unik kan fashion ni? Sentiasa berubah mengikut peredaran masa. Apa yang lebih unik dan hebat bagi aku adalah semua fashion designer ni sentiasa ada je idea untuk style yang serba baru dan cool untuk para wanita, lebih-lebih lagi for us Muslimah! Tapi kalau kita tengok sekarang dunia fashion di Malaysia kini sudah terbiasa dengan koleksi pakaian moden. Kalau tengok trend pun, tak payah susah-susah tengok polls, tengok je ads kat Instagram.. berlambak instashop #sayajual baju fesyen muslimah kan? Ada yang wudhuk-friendly, clothes yang materialnya sesuai untuk iklim negara kita yang sunny ni dan bf! (mesti korang ingat boyfriend/best friend kan? Hehe, I thought that too masa mula-mula nampak dulu. But nope, it actually means breastfeeding-friendly!)

So without further ado, let's take a look at 3 types of pakaian Muslimah popular in 2015!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Teeth with silver linings

“What’s your best feature?”
I was kind of blurry for a minute because it's a little tough when it comes to think about my best feature. I quickly grabbed a mirror then started analysing my face and my whole body. lol. It was challenging & a bit awkward because I felt like I was digging myself, looking at every inch of my body, searching for a perfect answer..

And I came to a conclusion that my best feature is my smile! :D
(oh please, keep your "gosh, you're so clichรฉ!" to yourself *rolls eyes*)

My face isn’t pretty (obviously) and if people would resemble my face to the moon.. oooohhhh it wouldn’t be because my face shines as white, and as bright as the moon. It would be because of my skin looks like the moon's surface which means spots & holes eeeeveryyywhereee! Acnes, blackheads, ohhh you name it, IT’S THERE. ON MY DAMNED FACE.

I love my smile and I love to smile! Smiling is indeed a powerful thing. It could cheer your day, cheer someone’s day and scientifically proven that it’d make you look younger than your age! Well, I wasn’t sure if there’s any scientific research about smiles but I do think elders who smile a lot are cute & look as adorable as a baby! Like my ummi Norma, my homeroom slash biology teacher :3 I noticed she loves to smile! Even when she’s angry, she's still smiling! and that’s one of the things I love & admire about her. I miss her so badly!

Ok moving on.

But smiling for me is hard as my I don't have the perfect teeth for a perfect smile.. My teeth is... let's just say it's terrible T_T So kids, if you're reading this please take note: kalau gigi dah goyang cepat-cepat cabut ok! Kalau tak, nanti ada gigi distorted macam akak. So ugly T_T So I smile with my lips closed tightly. No teeth reveals. Just lips, smiling :) And I googled about smiles and look what I found.. Apparently, Obama & I share the same smile!!
The Tight-Lipped Smile
When the tips of the lips are stretched without the teeth exposed, such a smile shows the harbouring of a secret, concealment of thoughts and the restraining of attitudes. While women interpret the tight-lipped smile as a sign of rejection, it also happens to be a favourite expression among females. The tight-lipped smile is often shown by women who don’t want to reveal any information and would rather remain silent instead. For example, if you ask for the age, a lot of women would simply respond with a tight-lipped smile without giving any answer. The tight-lipped smile also evokes mystery and can be often seen in magazine pictures of successful businessmen. The picture clearly reveals they aren’t disclosing any of their key secrets, sharing in the interview only the broad principles for success. (source: here)
Tight lips smileTight Lips Smile
The tight lips smile is perhaps the most common form of a smiling, mainly because it's easy to fake and this is what we have in mind when we need to smile politely. So in most cases you can say it's fake - since when we are truly happy we don't afraid to show teeth. What can it mean? A lot of things - fear, shyness, politeness, reserved mindset or the masking of true emotions. Whatever the exact meaning is - it has a secretive attribute, in this cases hiding the teeth is equivalent to hiding thoughts. Keep in mind that some people keep their lips tight to avoid showing bad teeth or because they believe they possess a non-photogenic look. If you do have doubts about your smile with visible teeth - just try it a mirror, it's worth it. This smile works great in courtship because it adds some mysterious quality. (source:here)
OMG, Obama.. senyuman kita ni fake ke?!?!? T_T

Anyway, I hide my teeth not because I hide my thoughts like the second article claimed. I HIDE MY TEETH BECAUSE MY TEETH IS A DISASTER, AN EMBARRASSMENT! And hell yaa my secret is my teeth! But if smiling like this makes me look secretive and mysterious.. hehe, well I like to be mysterious! 

Honestly la after years of pulling this tight-lipped smile, I realized it wasn't me. This tight- lipped smile is not my style. SO, OK OBAMA I GUESS MY SMILE IS FAKE AFTER ALL T__T I think I look better when I smile properly.. you know, by exposing my teeth & just show the GENUINE happiness.

Actually, I have been wearing it for 3 weeks now. (I got my braces on on Wednesday, 21/10/2015) Hehe, sorry for the delay to post about it on here! I was (and still am) busy taking an extra care of my teeth ;P  But seriously, eating isn't easy with this thing on. It is uncomfortable and it hurts like hell! I only ate porridge, ice-cream and soups on the first week. I can't chew because my teeth was super sore! Eventually, the pain subside and Alhamdullilah, I'm able to can eat rice happily and normal as before right now. It's just leceh sebab lepas makan, mesti kena kumur bergazillion kali agar takde sisa-sisa makanan tersekat kat besi-besi tu.

Well, you know what they said, "beauty is pain" AND YEA YOU BETCHA THE PAIN IS FREAKING REAL.

Sunday, June 28, 2015



Hii. Sorry for not writing for a very long time. I actually have written some bits of my journey to Kedah for HAC but unfortunately, due to technical errors, hectic life and procrastination, it is still in my draft. Sorry!

First of all, GUYS I'M OFFICIALLY A CFS IIUM STUDENT! I checked my UPU application and Alhamdullilah, I got accepted for my first choice - Asasi Undang-undang at UIAM. I was very happy, excited and sad after receiving the text (yep, I checked my UPU result via SMS. The website crashed and I was nervous so there goes my RM0.50) I was happy because I got what I always wanted! But I'm sad because at that time, I wasn't ready to leave home again. Eventhough CFS is only an hour (or less) away from my house but still, I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE HOME.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My plans?

After I finished my SPM, I had so many plans in my mind. Heck, before SPM lagi dah plan macam-macam sebenarnya. Now, 5 months have past and I did almost nothing during my post-SPM life! So embarrassing!

I read so many great, amazing stories about their post-SPM life from bloggers sebaya. Some of them have already busy in college, some of them are like me; waiting for any university offer but they're busy working, some of them did some volunteer work & living their life to the fullest... Meanwhile me.. stay at home, watch some movies, eat, sleep, repeat -__-

I'm ashamed of my achievement... because I barely achieve anything! I planned I'd get my driver license by this month but my JPJ test date is inconclusive! So pissed off >:( I think by now, everything I learnt and prepared for the scary JPJ test is already forgotten. All gone! Poof! Bye-bye. Deleted from my mind! Then I'd have to study all over again adoiii

I think paling kelakar lah bila my bestfriends planned nak holiday together, somewhere far away from home (lol bajet tua, ingat 18 tahun can go wild) We already surveyed some places like Langkawi, Bukit Merah, Pulau Tioman, etc. We also have looked up for affordable resorts, travelling tickets, etc but in the end, bubar. Tak jadi. But it's not anyone's fault pun because some are busy working and my parents won't let me travel that far without adult supervision T_T Uwuwu overprotective! but sokay mama, papa I know you guys care about me (◡‿◡✿)
This what really bothers me a lot. ASYIK PLAN PLAN PLAN, tapi akhirnya tak buat pun! I also came up with a fitness plan, target nak normalkan BMI because I'm slightly overweight but until now, still no progress. I always forgot about why I started. Always procrastinate, sampai ke sudah tak jalan. I lost 2 kg je so far padahal kena buang 15 kg excess fat ni from my body!! I'M SO MAD WITH MYSELF. UGH!! (ใƒŽเฒ ็›Šเฒ )ใƒŽๅฝก┻━┻

Oohh, don't get me started with my education plans......
I choose Law because I find it fascinating. I watched a lot of CSI, Law & Order and Channel CI on Astro this lately and I kind of like the idea of working in the legal department. The way they solved the case, get justice for the victim and the intensity just attracted me.

Tapi sebenarnya sebab I don't want to learn Science anymore.

Don't get me wrong, Science is interesting. But maybe it's not my thing. Boleh je belajar Science, no hal but kalau dah tak passionate about it, bila belajar effort dia jadi payah sikit.. betul tak? Bagi aku cukuplah science sampai sekolah menengah. So other alternative other than science is art, law, accountancy, technology, etc. So I chose law :)

Tapi ini masalahnya sekarang..
Dapat sains T___T
Alhamdullilah dapat matrikulasi! Tapi yang pelik masa apply letak Selangor, N9, Melaka tapi kesudahnya dapat Perak. Aik. Still Alhamdullilah, syukur sangat. Taklah dicampak jauh sangat. 2-3 jam dari rumah. Namun, selepas perhabis godek pasal matrikulasi ni, rupanya boleh tukar kursus sains ke perakaunan.. Tapi kena belajar pasal ekonomi, akaun la gamaknya *gulp* I'd rather study science than accountancy. But according to KPM, kursus matrikulasi akaun je boleh further ke jurusan undang-undang kelak T__T Aku lagi tak ngam dengan nombor daripada sains. But I can't blindly say no to accountancy just because I never learn it kan? Maybe I can pull it off, who knows? Entahlah. Dilemma sangat nyah.

Aku mengharap sangat aku dapat asasi undang-undang. Tak ada lah pening-pening, dilemma bagai pasal matrikulasi. For now, aku tengah menunggu & mengharap pada UPU je ni. I'm down with 7 options left because I didn't get selected for Asasi Pengurusan UUM interview, which I believe is my fourth option. It brought me down yesterday. I was hoping I could get the interview because I never attend an interview. Sekadar mahu merasa & menimba pengalaman. But I took a deep breath, chin held high and said to myself.. maybe I'm not selected because I get selected for my first option kot? Kuikuikui nak sedapkan hati punya pasal. Sekali tak dapat mana-mana (Nauzubillah, FUH FUH FUHHHH MINTA DIJAUHKAN!!) pergh.. meraung ler aku ke matrikulasi.

Nak mengharap IPTS,
adesss.. $$$$$ mana mau cari?
Jadi kita tunggu je IPTA.
Please pray for me! o(≧o≦)o

Oleh sebab itu, sekarang aku dah give up. Aku berserah je sekarang. Redha, tawakal. Nak plan macam-macam buat sakit kepala je. Tambah stress tak pasal-pasal. Sekarang nak berhabis relax sebelum masuk IPT. Ceh. Macam sebelum ni duduk tak senang je bunyi. Fitness plan tetap go on tapi istiqamah tu sangatlah payah nak dapat MasyaAllah T__T

P/S: Menurut Google, kolej matrikulasi perak ni berbukit bukau. Agaknya berlambak tangga nak kena harung kot? Boleh lah kurus kan? Wahahahaha!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lost connections

ุงู„ุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠูƒู…
A few months ago, I had a little 'reunion' session with my friends at my house. It was a really sponteneous plan. We finished our SPM, quickly WhatsApp each other to call for a meet-up and catch up session. You see, I was in boarding school for 2 years and I rarely met them within those years.. I only talked to them when I'm back for holidays (because smartphones are not allowed in my school) so there were a lot of things to catch up with. After a chit chat, we got bored. So we decided to watch movies from my laptop.

What really pissed me off during this meet-up was, how attached they were with their handphones. To be honest, I don't enjoy the talk because they constantly checking out their phones, leaving me hanging with my words, or leave the story hanging just like that. What really got on my nerves was when the person asked "eh what you guys talk about ek?" because they're too busy checking out their phones and after that interruption, I'VE TO STORY THE WHOLE THING BACK AT THEM.

Even when we're watching movies, some of them focused on their phone more than the movie. After the movie ended, when they said "Meh. Not so great la this movie" OOOOH SNAP DO YOU WANT A SLAP? Of course la it wasn't great for you because YOU WASN'T THERE! Too busy with your cyber life eh?

Honestly, I was disappointed with my own friends. In fact, I was jealous with their phones for getting more attention than I should get. I was away for 2 darn years in boarding school, finally home, reunited with them and wanting to know their SPM + life story but all they said was "it's okay", "not bad", "boleh lah" -__-"

I NEED A STORY. BY STORY I MEAN TELL ME WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED. NOT A SUMMARY. I don't care if your story is ridiculous or boring. C'mon, just tell me anything. What have you been through, what did you eat, how did you study for SPM, I don't care. Just keep the conversation alive!!

So is this what technology did to us?

It took our social skills away?

Made close people feel so distant from them? Oh, how ironic.

I wish I could get rid all of these smartphones. Let them use the old, classic Nokia 3301 so they get a grip on reality, make a real talk! And honestly guys, stop complaining or nagging about the reality in Twitter or Facebook if you haven't try to live in it!

God, Albert Einstein was right all along...

Monday, March 9, 2015

Trip to Kedah + Result day

ุงู„ุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠูƒู…
Firstly, please note that I don't really plan to write about this on my blog. If I do, I'll sure as hell going to take as many pictures I would during the trip. But for this post, there won't be many pictures because

1. I didn't plan for this post. Really unexpected.
2. I was nervous and worrying 24/7. Photography isn't my sweetest escape. Reading is.

But why I'm suddenly moved to write about this? Because I'm a sentimental freak! I just don't want to forget about this trip. The whole days I spent in Kedah were precious. Hours before I departed to KL from Kedah, it suddenly clicked me; What if this is my last trip to Kedah? What if I never saw them again? :( I told them about my worrying. But as always, they never fail to keep my worrying away & entertain me.

"Hang ni pasaipa! Kenduri kahwin aku nanti hang mai la Kedah lagi! Kita jumpa la lagi sama-sama dengan suami, anak pinak kita kekeke"

Amboi, jauhnya visi korang. Ewah ewah

ANYWAY let's get back to the main story! So let's start shall we? :)
Masjid Zahir Alor Star #mosque

DAY 1 (2nd Mac 2015, Monday)

My flight was scheduled to depart at 7:05am so, I must be at airport by 6am. It took 1 1/12 hour from my house to Subang Airport so, I woke up at 4 o' clock in the morning & off from home somewhere between 4:45am and 5:00am. I swear I loveeee KL at 5 o' in the morning. No cars, empty streets, zero traffic, bright lights.. BEAUTIFUL!

Arrived at Subang airport  approximately at 6:25am. Lepas check in, tengok gate buka at 6:45am. Parents ajak breakfast tapi sumpah takde selera masa tu. Mixed feeling tahap apatah masa tu so we just talked. My parents noticed I was nervous as heck so they gave me kata-kata hikmat & semangat. Aduuuuh masa tu rasa nak nangis je kat tengah-tengah airport tu sebab jadah mixed feeling ni la. Rasa nak meraung je sebab taknak tinggalkan mama papa, taknak kecewakan diorang dengan result aku nanti and terharu sebab bagi advices & macam-macam. Bila masuk gate, hati rasa sayu & syahdu je. Memandangkan mama kena ke office awal (untuk elak traffic) jadi mereka tak tunggu aku masuk seperti selalu. Sampai di departure gate, aku rasa aku la manusia paling muda & sempoi kat situ hahahaha sebab semua kelihatan seperti sudah bekerjaya dan segak memakai pakaian professional walhal aku hanya memakai baju kasual je. Rasa hina, malu, nervous terus naik mencacakkk. Fuhh. Aku pun sambung membaca novel, hanyut dengan ceritanya sampai aku tak perasan dah dipanggil!

Bila dia buat annoucement "Last call for flight XX to Alor Setar. Please proceed to Gate 2" baru aku perasan. Kalau tak terlepasssss. Dalam flight pun aku kekal hanyut dengan novel. Tapi dikacau dengan stewardess yang menawarkan makanan. "Peanut or bread?" Dek kelaparan yang ekstrem dan kerakusan nafsu aku pun  jawab "both". Aku perasan pemuda di hujung seat sana tersenyum sinis. Cis.

Alhamdullilah, safely landed di bumi jelapang padi at 8:30am! Sampai di Airport Alor Setar, aku terus melilau mencari kelibat Sarah & Mardiah. Alkisahnya Sarah & Mardiah ni orang Banting. Memang geng nak naik flight sama-sama tapi masalahnya Banting-Subang jauh. Lainlah aku yang Ampang-Subang. Oleh kerena itu, mereka pun membeli tiket Air Asia sebab Banting-KLIA dekat. Waktu penerbangan kami semestinya sama cuma mereka sampai 5 minit awal dari aku.

After a lot of squel, hugs and kisses, we headed straight to our hotel by taxi. Rupa-rupanya mereka ni pun mengalami simptom yang sama dengan aku! Takde selera sebab nervous & cukup kenyang dengan makanan dalam flight tadi jadi kami pun tak singgah mana-mana untuk breakfast. Check in hotel, terus masing-masing buka cerita hihi 3 BULAN tak jumpa kot?!!!

Escape | by @chelseapearl
image from weheartit
Kami menginap di C Hotel. I came across to this hotel whilst googling for the nearest to college & cheapest hotel in Jitra. Only RM86.90 (exclude tax, service charge) for one night and their accomondation weren't bad at all. Selain masalah permandangan yang super creepy (our room view is tanah perkuburan Islam!), we enjoyed our stay there.

Pukul 12 tengahhari kawan kami dari Baling, Asilah datang menginap sekali. Maka, kami pun bersuka ria bercerita macam-macam benda dan menjelajah setiap penjuru hotel ni. Dari swimming pool ke court badminton kami berselfie. Lepas Zohor, kami pun berjalan ke Jitra Mall (yang btw just a few walks je from our hotel?! Awesome!) untuk lunch & menyambung sesi bersuka ria. Sebenarnya pukul 11 pagi semua dah merengek kelaparan tapi memandangkan Asilah tak sampai lagi jadi kami tak tergamak nak makan dulu dan biarkan dia makan berseorangan nanti. Dek semangat setiakawan yang tinggi, kami pun tunggu hinga ke Zohor untuk sama-sama brunch di Restoran Halimah.

Selesai brunch, kami menunggu Nik untuk menonton wayang sama-sama. We watched Kingsman: The Secret Service! Very awesome, enough said. Kemudian kami melambaikan selamat tinggal pada Nik dan menuju ke rumah pakcik Sarah. We had our dinner with them.

Reached hotel at 10pm, semua keletihan. Badan bau bacin gila sebab pakai baju dari pukul 4 PAGI tadi. Sambil menunggu giliran mandi, kami iron baju kurung untuk big event tomorrow. Masa tu masing-masing tak larat nak berborak. Borak pun benda santai je. Habis mandi semua masuk tidur. Sangatlah mengantuk & kepenatan. Sebelum midnight kami dah tidur!!!

Aku ingat malam before amik result aku akan jadi terlalu nervous hingga tak mampu nak tidur malam. Alhamdullilah berkat aktiviti gelak ketawa & jalan-jalan, aku boleh tidur malam. Tapi. TAPI. Tidur aku tak lena. Pukul 3 pagi terbangun, tidur balik. Pukul 4 pagi terbangun, tidur balik. Pukul 5 pagi terbangun, terus dapat mini heart attack. Mana taknya, terkejut nampak lembaga putih! Aku pun bersungguh-sungguh baca ayat kursi dan berselawat tapi sebenarnya.... Mardiah tengah qiamulail. Dia tak nak buka lampu sebab tak mahu ganggu kami tidur -__- Ok lepas tu tak boleh tidur balik dah so, aku terus mandi.

JBY ❤️

DAY 2 (3rd March 2015, Tuesday)

Walaupun aku orang terawal mandi namun aku orang paling terakhir yang bersiap. Masa diorang mandi, aku syok buat benda lain. Bila orang terakhir habis mandi sedang bersiap, baru aku mula bersiap lol. Pukul 8:30 pagi kami check out hotel. Sarah & Asilah terpisah dari aku & Mardiah sebab Sarah & Asilah tumpang family Mek (our friend from Kelantan yang tinggal di hotel yang sama jugak) untuk breakfast. Pada mulanya, aku & Mardiah mahu breakfast di kedai Pak Husin (kedai makan betul-betul depan maktab kami) tapi tengok ramai cikgu kat situ, jadi kami pun makan di cafe maktab. Antara orang terawal yang sampai maktab! Masa tu dah pukul 9:30 pagi. Majlis start pukul 10 pagi. Kami sempat borak & memohon keampunan kat cikgu-cikgu yang kebetulan lapar dan makan di cafe.

Pagi tu aku makan roti coklat dengan air kosong je sebab tak selera nak makan apa-apa. Nasi lemak cafe yang sedap terpaksa aku tolak jauh sebab takut termuntah bila habis makan. Tekak rasa mual & sangatlah nervous!!!

Habis makan, masuk dewan untuk langsaikan hutang terhilangkan buku teks hahaha kalau tak tak boleh amil result. Kemudian the new TPHEA gave a short speech, proceed to GPM maktab and lastly...... THE ANNOUCEMENT OF THE STRAIGHT As STUDENT.

TPHEA: "Pada tahun ini, maktab mengumpul hanya 6 orang sahaja pelajar yang berjaya memperoleh keputusan straight A....."

Pada masa itu, aku rasa pasrah. Redha. Rasa tenang mula menyelinap dalam diri. Aku mula menyandar dan tarik nafas dalam-dalam. Sungguh, nervous aku terus hilang. Aku pun mendengar saja nama-nama itu dipanggil. My name wasn't there. I knew it. Expected. Sebab selama ni aku banyak kali gak la mimpi dapat 7A. But congrats to Masitah, Fatini, Hafiz, Izzudeen, Pidot & Ezzety!!

TPHEA: "Tahniah diucapkan kepada pelajar-pelajar tersebut. Pelajar lain boleh mula mengumpul slip keputusan di meja kelas masing-masing. Terima kasih"

Namun redha aku tu tak menyabar. Terusssss aku meluru ke meja 505. Tapi Maria lagi tak menyabar dari aku haha dia sampai dulu. Aku orang kedua yang ambil keputusan.

Selesai Maria, aku terus meluru kat abang (staff maktab kot?) tu.

"Ha bang, nama saya Tengku Assila Maisara"

"dah bayar hutang belum?"

"Langsai semua dah"

"Sure ni?" dengan muka main-main dia eheyyy

"Yeeee" dengan nada yang ditekan dalam sikit sambil cuba mengekalkan ekspresi neutral dan menahan kesabaran.

"Ha jap jap Tengku Assila yeee ok ok.." sambil jari-jarinya membelek setiap slip keputusan. Jantung bagai nak gugur. Fuhhh kekal sempoi dan ayu shilaaa fuhhh

Jari abang tu berhenti membelek. Dia meneliti slip yang satu tu.

"Tengku Assila ye... hmmm... alahai sayangnyaaa" kata abangku ketika matanya masih terkunci pada slip itu. Dia pun mengalih pandangannya pada muka aku. Ha tatap la muka aku yang dah geram, cuak, menggigil-gigil dan berpeluh sejuk ni. Kemudian dia menyerahkan slip aku. I frozed. Mata aku pula terkunci pada kertas tu.

8A 1B+
ya ALLAH!!!!!

done with finals animated GIF
Memang tercengang tersentak terkejut asdfghjklgilala but then I realized I'm still in the line, I quickly ran, ternampak my good friend, Izah Adlina yang ketika itu sedang beratur nak amik result dan terus peluk dia. I hugged her a minute long kot. Kesian dia dah la tengah nervous beratur amik result pastu dok risau aku kenapa. Berapa ulang kali dia tanya kenapa ni, result camne, I'm still speechless, sobbing & shamelessly crying. Then as soon as I got the back-to-reality strength, I hugged her tight and told her. She congratulated, consulted & comforted me because seriously budak lain yang tengah beratur semua looking at me crying... Then I thanked her for being a super awesome roommate and friend and left the hall.

Outside the hall, still sobbing, menggigil-gigil dail number mama. Aku tak pedulikan mak bapak kat luar, I cried sooo harddddd sambil menunggu Mama menjawab panggilan.

"Assalamualaikum, hello ma.... Mamaaaa da-dah tahu ke Shila dapat be-berapa???" *sobbing hard*

"*cute giggle*hihi syukur Alhamdullilah......" aik, mama dah tahu!?


"Shila tak bagi mama bagitau. Mama diam je la. Tahniah Shila" lepastu mama pun cakap beberapa kata-kata yang mampu menenangkan tangisan aku lalu meminta diri sebab mama sebenarnya tengah meeting.

"Shila, call Papa. Dia tak tau lagi. Bye"

(dah ok dah masa ni. Berhenti menangis dah)

"Assalamualaikum Papa!!!!! Papaa tahu tak Shila dapat berapa???"

I can hear his nervous lol "eerr haa tak tau lagi ni berapa Shila???"


"iyee *a nervous laugh* berapa Shila????"

"8a 1b!!" *lompat lompat sambil squel* lol hilang kesopanan & kesusilaan aku di depan parents-parents ni.

Papa let out a big laugh and congratulated me and all hehehe he then told me he was nervous and expecting my call awwwh!

Lepas tu dah selesai memberitahu the VVIP of my life, aku pun merenung pada slipku. Tak sangka. 8A?! B+ chemistry hahaha expected! Dalam mimpi aku mimpi chemistry dan add maths aku C. Tapi tak sangka add maths A- subhanaAllah Allah itu maha pemurah. Sungguh, aku mengharap 7 je. Alhamdullilah.

Aku mula melilau mencari kawan dan mencari cikgu, mengucap terima kasih & ampun maaf. Havoc gila la dewan & bilik guru masa itu.

Habis jumpa sana sini, pukul 12 tengahhari kami call taxi suruh pickup di maktab. Time to enjoy pulakk! Initially we planned nak tengok wayang but cerita Kingsman je best. Yang lain semua cerita Cina. Lagipun dah tengok Kingsman dah semalam so we went to the arcade. Main arcade dengan berbaju kurung tuuhh sopannya lahai. Puas arcade, went to Zohor jap then proceed to karaoke for 1 hour!

Husna cadang tengok cerita hantu kat wayang so boleh jerit kuat-kuat, lepaskan sengsara tapi takde cerita hantu :( jadi menjerit dan melalak di pusat karaoke sajalah mampu kah kah kah sakit tekak woo

We went lunch lepas tu melepak di rumah Husna. Sambil lepak, kami pun berborak lah mengenai keputusan dan hala tuju bla bla bla berbincang hal-hal matang dan serious ni T__T Lepastu ketika itu la terkeluar ayat sentimental aku tu hehehe

Memandangkan flight pulang ke KL aku pukul 8:30pm, Sarah & Mardiah pula pukul 9:30pm, kami bertolak ke airport pada pukul 6:30pm. Usai bersalam-salam, berpeluk-pelukan, bertukar buah tangan, aku lambaikan selamat tinggal pada keluarga Husna. Tapi Husna ikut kami ke airport la kakak dia hantarkan hahaha

Semasa menunggu kami pun berborak sampai la gate aku bukak. That was the last time I saw Husna, Sarah & Mardiah. Rasa hiba mula memenuhi jiwa. Aiseh syahdu la. Emosi sungguh!!

Kemudian aku pun memulakan langkahku pulang ke Kuala Lumpur. Kepulanganku dirai keluarga. Papa siap buat banner on paper that said "Congratulations shila. you are the best!" like whaaat??? Aishhhh terharu gilaaa then they both hugged me quiet long and said that nice thing to my ears. The word that I've been longing to hear from my parents....

"we're so proud of you, shila"

Thursday, February 26, 2015


ุงู„ุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠูƒู…
How do my blog look?! Is it cute? Simple? Give me your thoughts! It was a difficult decision of editing this blog at first because the last look had lasted for 3 years! But I'm moving on now. I changed from grey-pink to pastel-blue-pink-orange. I didn't edit much 'cause I seriously forgot how to edit my blog! Hahahah! I'm afraid if I relentlessly changing the codes, my whole blog will be ruined so I decided to keep my blog this way with diffrent colour theme and added some this and that. It was a slow process because I was busy with driving classes, house chores and some minor projects (plus procrastination haha) but Tadaaa! It's all done now!

SO.... About the title. I'm going to do a trip down memory lane for this entry because I feel like doing it. I reread my old blog posts and gosh, it was embarassing! But all that posts have been reverted to drafts so no read for you :P I noticed I haven't post any of my experiences or memories at MRSM Kubang Pasu on this blog (except for my Last Day at maktab post) I had a bittersweet journey there and I want that memories kept somewhere else than my mind. I love the idea of looking back at what I did, what I went through and what I've learnt so without any further or due, REWIND TO 2014 & 2013!

from left: Jannahtul Farhani, Syafiqah Illyana, Farhana Fadzil, Masitah Husin,
Husna Shaarin, Maisarah Razali
This picture was taken at PUSKEP Lenggong, Perak for 'Young Prof' Camp from 20-22 Feb 2014. It was fun although we didn't do much physical activites as I thought :P Nama pun kem young prof; kem akademik so there was a lot of ceramah session hahaha but I gained a lot from here. Knowledge, leadership skills, confidence and much more! Those girls in the pic up there, they are considered as geniuses for me. Albert Einstein of our college hahaha especially Masitah! Always #1 for every semester, every exams. So much respect (and love) for these girls. Thankfully they were the best kind of friends :) Tak kedekut ilmu dan suka share macam-macam!

from left: wanah, yana, me, sarah, balqis (standing), farhana, masitah, kiah, mimi
PUSKEP Lenggong punya view pada pagi hari memang ummph! (Y)
Our 3 days 2 nights stay were okay. Their food was awesome and the scenery memang lawa. Their shower + bathroom pun not bad. Tempatnya pun besar. Macam-macam lah ada. But one thing yang aku tak akan lupakan adalah, malam pertama di PUSKEP. Selepas habis sesi apatah malam tu, we went to Kantin (?) DM (?) for supper lepas tu balik bilik. Memandangkan dorm perempuan kat atas bukit.. well, sort of. Tapi jalan ke dorm kena mendaki sebab jalan/bukitnya curam semacam like this:
View from our dorm. Nampak tak betapa tingginya dorm kami?!
Nampak tak budak tu tercungap-cungap nak naik dorm? LOL
So that night, we (me, sarah, mimi, balqis, husna) were the last females at DM. On the way to dorm, kami perasan banyak gila bintang di langit! Kawasan ni ada less light pollution so that's why nampak bintang clear je and seriously, it was a spectacular view. We stopped and masing-masing dongak kat langit. Penat dongak tapi tak puas tengok bintang, we decided to baring atas jalan/bukit. Hahahaha! Konon stargazing la ceceh. Sambil-sambil tu, diorang pun keluarkan ayat-ayat romantis dan sentimental, talk about future la, what will happened after SPM la, maybe nak live up this epic moment kot lolololol aku pun join sekali. Memang best habis! One of my fav memories!

top left: Una, Maria, Aimim, Twi (behind Aimim), Ain, me, Balqis, Nisa, Mira, Izza, Darina, Qilah
bottom left: Epul, Arif, Ferb, Ridzuan
UNGA stands for United Nation General Assembly and it was one of the highlight event in our senior year. Each classes will have to represent a country given by teachers. The students have to decorate their class according to their given country and dress up like them. Siang hari, teachers and juniors akan melawat setiap kelas, tengok decoration and food tasting hehe. Diikuti pula dengan performances from each class. Pada malam hari, ada sesi debat antara representative daripada setiap negara/kelas di Dewan Besar. Form 5 2014 dapat negara-negara;
501: United Kingdom
502: Netherland
503: Italy
504: South Korea
505: Egypt
506: New Zealand
Our class (505) dapat Mesir! Yay! Memang best sebab Mesir sangat dekat dihati lol and their costume pun tak susah cari or jahit baru, hanya pakai jubah je! :P Unlike other classes, they've to work on custome on their own, cari mak sapa pandai jahit pastu beli kain. Kami yang dapat Mesir save budget costume hahaha

Tapi paling tak best adalah beberapa hari before UNGA, semua young prof kena pergi kem Young Prof tu. Patutnya masa genting tu semua dok pakat decorate kelas bagi cantik. Sebab aku dan beberapa orang kawan pergi camp, kami tak dapat la join decorate kelas. Jadi kami pun rela diri untuk buat performance. Balik-balik kem tu, memang tak rest langsung. Turun bas, makan, mandi solat semua terus straight pergi kelas. Practice menari. Memang semua stress habis dengan decoration kelas tak siap lagi memang semua orang stay up gila malam tu.

This pic taken a night before UNGA at 1 A.M.
Aku tidur pukul 3 pagi lebih malam itu. Tak tahu lah yang lain. Dengar cerita ada kelas pukul 5 pagi baru naik asrama. Masa hari UNGA memang SEMUA FORM 5 tak cukup tidur hahaha but we're all prepared. Semua pun pandai fake muka mengantuk haha we smiled all day long. Paling gempak masa performances ceceh but our class performances ada technical error so dah tak menjadi sangat but it was fun! My favourite performance and the winner for The Best Performance is from 503: Italy! Dorang buat ala-ala Romeo and Juliet. Everytime I listen to Taylor Swift's Love Story, memang teringat dekat performance diorang. Our class won The Best Food!! :D

 Our class' decoration preparation.
Firaun and his wifes
504: South Korea (from outside)
I didn't have many pictures because I didn't bring my camera. All these pictures for UNGA are from Ain! Tapi moment paling unforgettable masa UNGA adalah the night before UNGA. Pukul 2 pagi tu memang aku rasa worn out habis. Nak hilangkan rasa letih dan mengantuk punya pasal, aku ajak Fatin Nuranisa (known as Twilight) pi jalan-jalan. Malam tu pulak cantik, bulan mengambang. Kami pun pi padang (sebab padang dekat depan kelas kami je) and baring atas rumput lolololol menikmati permandangan langit nan indah. Kami pun buka lagu fav masing-masing konon nak feeling feeling la kehkeh pastu rasa dah lama lepak situ, kami pun naik kelas balik, tolong apa yang patut. Cerita cam lekeh tapi memori tu la antara yang paling indah aku pernah alami. Thanks to Twi la kerana sudi menemani. Balik kelas je, aura mengantuk tu datang balik hahah lepas banyak push diri untuk kekal segar, aku pun surrender dan terus naik asrama.

THERE ARE MORE PHOTOS AND STORIESSSS YA ALLAH!! Maybe I'll post those pictures on the next post ok. Stay tuned for 'Flashbacks 2.0'! Till then, guys. Thank you for reading this long post! Here are some extra photos from PUSKEP & UNGA **click to zoom in**

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Movie review: PK

ุงู„ุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠูƒู…   
Note: This is my first movie review. Everything I wrote is my humble personal view unless it's stated. It contains flaw but I'd try make it perfect as possible, insyaAllah.

PK (2014) Poster PK (2014)
Rating: 8.7/10
Duration: 153 minutes
Director: Rajkumar Hirani
Stars: Aamir Khan, Abhijit Joshi, etc
Synopsis: A stranger in the city asks questions no one has asked before. Known only by his initials, P.K.'s innocent questions and childlike curiosity will take him on a journey of love, laughter and letting-go.

Credit: IMDb

It's exactly 5:17AM right now and believe me, my body is tired and my head is keep pushing me to sleep. But I forced myself to write this post because I want to share to you how AMAZING this movie is.

Honestly, I'm not a Bollywood freak. I'm not into Bollywood much as the singing and dancing part just irk me so much.. This movie, however, contain that part too but that's not the point.. this movie content is amazing. I watched it for the plot and it clearly didn't disappoint me! Wanted to skip the singing & dancing part but somehow while they're singing they are showing the plot.. erghh but I found the songs (yep, there's plenty) are pretty catchy!

This movie is basically about a man wondering about God and questioning about religions in this world. Fear not, it won't jejaskan your aqidah or whatsoever. Don't worry! :) It has nothing to do with secret agenda or conspiracy like The Da Vinci Code lol it won't give you headache.

Eventhough the topic sounds heavy.. (ye la pasal religion kot #sensitive) but the film wasn't heavy at all. For me, it's a bit of comedy. No, really, it's HILARIOUS!!! His (PK's) innocent questions are gold! It's really hard to try not waking everyone up at 4 o' clock in the morning because of my laughter because ya Rabbi, I was laughing so hard!!

There is a bit emotional part (heh bollywood movie kannn) and sentap sentap tangkap leleh punya part so brace yourselves with some tissues (IF you've a soft heart... Hati kental, nangis lap guna baju je!)

OK forget it. I'm sucks at reviewing. I'm afraid I might spoil the movie so that's all that I could say about it kot. Sorry v__v

Hear this.

Before I watched PK, my all-time favourite Bollywood movie was 3 Idiots. If you haven't watch it, you better go watch it, dude o_0

Ok that's not the point -___-

The point is, you do know how inspiring and asdfghjkl 3 Idiots was, right? How phenomenal and funny the movie was... How it really inspired you and changed some of our sick mentalities. Well, that's exactly what I felt while I watched PK =)

Now, PK &&& 3 Idiots are my fav! Screw Mohabbatein!! Screw Shah Rukh Khan!!
Aamir Khan all the wayyy pin pinnnn!!!

Psst, even IMDb rated PK higher than 3 Idiots! 3 Idiots got 8.5/10 but PK's 8.7!
I won't even bother to post a review and share this gold with uolls if the movie wasn't really that good to me. It worth something to me so I hope it could worth something to you too :)

That's all. Now, time to sleep! Zzzz

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