Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lost connections

السلام عليكم
A few months ago, I had a little 'reunion' session with my friends at my house. It was a really sponteneous plan. We finished our SPM, quickly WhatsApp each other to call for a meet-up and catch up session. You see, I was in boarding school for 2 years and I rarely met them within those years.. I only talked to them when I'm back for holidays (because smartphones are not allowed in my school) so there were a lot of things to catch up with. After a chit chat, we got bored. So we decided to watch movies from my laptop.

What really pissed me off during this meet-up was, how attached they were with their handphones. To be honest, I don't enjoy the talk because they constantly checking out their phones, leaving me hanging with my words, or leave the story hanging just like that. What really got on my nerves was when the person asked "eh what you guys talk about ek?" because they're too busy checking out their phones and after that interruption, I'VE TO STORY THE WHOLE THING BACK AT THEM.

Even when we're watching movies, some of them focused on their phone more than the movie. After the movie ended, when they said "Meh. Not so great la this movie" OOOOH SNAP DO YOU WANT A SLAP? Of course la it wasn't great for you because YOU WASN'T THERE! Too busy with your cyber life eh?

Honestly, I was disappointed with my own friends. In fact, I was jealous with their phones for getting more attention than I should get. I was away for 2 darn years in boarding school, finally home, reunited with them and wanting to know their SPM + life story but all they said was "it's okay", "not bad", "boleh lah" -__-"

I NEED A STORY. BY STORY I MEAN TELL ME WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED. NOT A SUMMARY. I don't care if your story is ridiculous or boring. C'mon, just tell me anything. What have you been through, what did you eat, how did you study for SPM, I don't care. Just keep the conversation alive!!

So is this what technology did to us?

It took our social skills away?

Made close people feel so distant from them? Oh, how ironic.

I wish I could get rid all of these smartphones. Let them use the old, classic Nokia 3301 so they get a grip on reality, make a real talk! And honestly guys, stop complaining or nagging about the reality in Twitter or Facebook if you haven't try to live in it!

God, Albert Einstein was right all along...

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