Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My plans?

After I finished my SPM, I had so many plans in my mind. Heck, before SPM lagi dah plan macam-macam sebenarnya. Now, 5 months have past and I did almost nothing during my post-SPM life! So embarrassing!

I read so many great, amazing stories about their post-SPM life from bloggers sebaya. Some of them have already busy in college, some of them are like me; waiting for any university offer but they're busy working, some of them did some volunteer work & living their life to the fullest... Meanwhile me.. stay at home, watch some movies, eat, sleep, repeat -__-

I'm ashamed of my achievement... because I barely achieve anything! I planned I'd get my driver license by this month but my JPJ test date is inconclusive! So pissed off >:( I think by now, everything I learnt and prepared for the scary JPJ test is already forgotten. All gone! Poof! Bye-bye. Deleted from my mind! Then I'd have to study all over again adoiii

I think paling kelakar lah bila my bestfriends planned nak holiday together, somewhere far away from home (lol bajet tua, ingat 18 tahun can go wild) We already surveyed some places like Langkawi, Bukit Merah, Pulau Tioman, etc. We also have looked up for affordable resorts, travelling tickets, etc but in the end, bubar. Tak jadi. But it's not anyone's fault pun because some are busy working and my parents won't let me travel that far without adult supervision T_T Uwuwu overprotective! but sokay mama, papa I know you guys care about me (◡‿◡✿)
This what really bothers me a lot. ASYIK PLAN PLAN PLAN, tapi akhirnya tak buat pun! I also came up with a fitness plan, target nak normalkan BMI because I'm slightly overweight but until now, still no progress. I always forgot about why I started. Always procrastinate, sampai ke sudah tak jalan. I lost 2 kg je so far padahal kena buang 15 kg excess fat ni from my body!! I'M SO MAD WITH MYSELF. UGH!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Oohh, don't get me started with my education plans......
I choose Law because I find it fascinating. I watched a lot of CSI, Law & Order and Channel CI on Astro this lately and I kind of like the idea of working in the legal department. The way they solved the case, get justice for the victim and the intensity just attracted me.

Tapi sebenarnya sebab I don't want to learn Science anymore.

Don't get me wrong, Science is interesting. But maybe it's not my thing. Boleh je belajar Science, no hal but kalau dah tak passionate about it, bila belajar effort dia jadi payah sikit.. betul tak? Bagi aku cukuplah science sampai sekolah menengah. So other alternative other than science is art, law, accountancy, technology, etc. So I chose law :)

Tapi ini masalahnya sekarang..
Dapat sains T___T
Alhamdullilah dapat matrikulasi! Tapi yang pelik masa apply letak Selangor, N9, Melaka tapi kesudahnya dapat Perak. Aik. Still Alhamdullilah, syukur sangat. Taklah dicampak jauh sangat. 2-3 jam dari rumah. Namun, selepas perhabis godek pasal matrikulasi ni, rupanya boleh tukar kursus sains ke perakaunan.. Tapi kena belajar pasal ekonomi, akaun la gamaknya *gulp* I'd rather study science than accountancy. But according to KPM, kursus matrikulasi akaun je boleh further ke jurusan undang-undang kelak T__T Aku lagi tak ngam dengan nombor daripada sains. But I can't blindly say no to accountancy just because I never learn it kan? Maybe I can pull it off, who knows? Entahlah. Dilemma sangat nyah.

Aku mengharap sangat aku dapat asasi undang-undang. Tak ada lah pening-pening, dilemma bagai pasal matrikulasi. For now, aku tengah menunggu & mengharap pada UPU je ni. I'm down with 7 options left because I didn't get selected for Asasi Pengurusan UUM interview, which I believe is my fourth option. It brought me down yesterday. I was hoping I could get the interview because I never attend an interview. Sekadar mahu merasa & menimba pengalaman. But I took a deep breath, chin held high and said to myself.. maybe I'm not selected because I get selected for my first option kot? Kuikuikui nak sedapkan hati punya pasal. Sekali tak dapat mana-mana (Nauzubillah, FUH FUH FUHHHH MINTA DIJAUHKAN!!) pergh.. meraung ler aku ke matrikulasi.

Nak mengharap IPTS,
adesss.. $$$$$ mana mau cari?
Jadi kita tunggu je IPTA.
Please pray for me! o(≧o≦)o

Oleh sebab itu, sekarang aku dah give up. Aku berserah je sekarang. Redha, tawakal. Nak plan macam-macam buat sakit kepala je. Tambah stress tak pasal-pasal. Sekarang nak berhabis relax sebelum masuk IPT. Ceh. Macam sebelum ni duduk tak senang je bunyi. Fitness plan tetap go on tapi istiqamah tu sangatlah payah nak dapat MasyaAllah T__T

P/S: Menurut Google, kolej matrikulasi perak ni berbukit bukau. Agaknya berlambak tangga nak kena harung kot? Boleh lah kurus kan? Wahahahaha!

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