Sunday, June 28, 2015



Hii. Sorry for not writing for a very long time. I actually have written some bits of my journey to Kedah for HAC but unfortunately, due to technical errors, hectic life and procrastination, it is still in my draft. Sorry!

First of all, GUYS I'M OFFICIALLY A CFS IIUM STUDENT! I checked my UPU application and Alhamdullilah, I got accepted for my first choice - Asasi Undang-undang at UIAM. I was very happy, excited and sad after receiving the text (yep, I checked my UPU result via SMS. The website crashed and I was nervous so there goes my RM0.50) I was happy because I got what I always wanted! But I'm sad because at that time, I wasn't ready to leave home again. Eventhough CFS is only an hour (or less) away from my house but still, I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE HOME.


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Hi, welcome to my blog! I'm a Malaysian Malay hence, the rojak language in this blog. Sorry not sorry! :P I read law and jot down highlights of my journey here.

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