Friday, November 13, 2015

Teeth with silver linings

“What’s your best feature?”
I was kind of blurry for a minute because it's a little tough when it comes to think about my best feature. I quickly grabbed a mirror then started analysing my face and my whole body. lol. It was challenging & a bit awkward because I felt like I was digging myself, looking at every inch of my body, searching for a perfect answer..

And I came to a conclusion that my best feature is my smile! :D
(oh please, keep your "gosh, you're so clichΓ©!" to yourself *rolls eyes*)

My face isn’t pretty (obviously) and if people would resemble my face to the moon.. oooohhhh it wouldn’t be because my face shines as white, and as bright as the moon. It would be because of my skin looks like the moon's surface which means spots & holes eeeeveryyywhereee! Acnes, blackheads, ohhh you name it, IT’S THERE. ON MY DAMNED FACE.

I love my smile and I love to smile! Smiling is indeed a powerful thing. It could cheer your day, cheer someone’s day and scientifically proven that it’d make you look younger than your age! Well, I wasn’t sure if there’s any scientific research about smiles but I do think elders who smile a lot are cute & look as adorable as a baby! Like my ummi Norma, my homeroom slash biology teacher :3 I noticed she loves to smile! Even when she’s angry, she's still smiling! and that’s one of the things I love & admire about her. I miss her so badly!

Ok moving on.

But smiling for me is hard as my I don't have the perfect teeth for a perfect smile.. My teeth is... let's just say it's terrible T_T So kids, if you're reading this please take note: kalau gigi dah goyang cepat-cepat cabut ok! Kalau tak, nanti ada gigi distorted macam akak. So ugly T_T So I smile with my lips closed tightly. No teeth reveals. Just lips, smiling :) And I googled about smiles and look what I found.. Apparently, Obama & I share the same smile!!
The Tight-Lipped Smile
When the tips of the lips are stretched without the teeth exposed, such a smile shows the harbouring of a secret, concealment of thoughts and the restraining of attitudes. While women interpret the tight-lipped smile as a sign of rejection, it also happens to be a favourite expression among females. The tight-lipped smile is often shown by women who don’t want to reveal any information and would rather remain silent instead. For example, if you ask for the age, a lot of women would simply respond with a tight-lipped smile without giving any answer. The tight-lipped smile also evokes mystery and can be often seen in magazine pictures of successful businessmen. The picture clearly reveals they aren’t disclosing any of their key secrets, sharing in the interview only the broad principles for success. (source: here)
Tight lips smileTight Lips Smile
The tight lips smile is perhaps the most common form of a smiling, mainly because it's easy to fake and this is what we have in mind when we need to smile politely. So in most cases you can say it's fake - since when we are truly happy we don't afraid to show teeth. What can it mean? A lot of things - fear, shyness, politeness, reserved mindset or the masking of true emotions. Whatever the exact meaning is - it has a secretive attribute, in this cases hiding the teeth is equivalent to hiding thoughts. Keep in mind that some people keep their lips tight to avoid showing bad teeth or because they believe they possess a non-photogenic look. If you do have doubts about your smile with visible teeth - just try it a mirror, it's worth it. This smile works great in courtship because it adds some mysterious quality. (source:here)
OMG, Obama.. senyuman kita ni fake ke?!?!? T_T

Anyway, I hide my teeth not because I hide my thoughts like the second article claimed. I HIDE MY TEETH BECAUSE MY TEETH IS A DISASTER, AN EMBARRASSMENT! And hell yaa my secret is my teeth! But if smiling like this makes me look secretive and mysterious.. hehe, well I like to be mysterious! 

Honestly la after years of pulling this tight-lipped smile, I realized it wasn't me. This tight- lipped smile is not my style. SO, OK OBAMA I GUESS MY SMILE IS FAKE AFTER ALL T__T I think I look better when I smile properly.. you know, by exposing my teeth & just show the GENUINE happiness.

Actually, I have been wearing it for 3 weeks now. (I got my braces on on Wednesday, 21/10/2015) Hehe, sorry for the delay to post about it on here! I was (and still am) busy taking an extra care of my teeth ;P  But seriously, eating isn't easy with this thing on. It is uncomfortable and it hurts like hell! I only ate porridge, ice-cream and soups on the first week. I can't chew because my teeth was super sore! Eventually, the pain subside and Alhamdullilah, I'm able to can eat rice happily and normal as before right now. It's just leceh sebab lepas makan, mesti kena kumur bergazillion kali agar takde sisa-sisa makanan tersekat kat besi-besi tu.

Well, you know what they said, "beauty is pain" AND YEA YOU BETCHA THE PAIN IS FREAKING REAL.


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