Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Woah it has been a reaaally long time since I updated my blog so, here's a quick, brief update about me! I finally finished my foundation September last year and entered UIA Gombak to pursue LLB in January 2017 :) There you go! Short and sweet update.

Okay, let's get into this. My first semester of my degree life. Oh ya! If you are wondering, I'm reading Law soo here's my journey in AIKOL. If you asked me to describe the journey in 3 words, I'd say - confused, hectic and positive. The first two words weren't that great right? Well yeah, I had some shitty period while adjusting myself in here but thankfully, I managed to gather some positivity despite being confused (in tutorial and lectures typically) and tired chasing datelines.

If you're reading this and you're ex-CFS that are going to pursue law later, I really recommend you to start working on your time management, cut the slack and be really passionate. If you're wondering "um is it really that bad?" wellll, before this kan even in my SPM or CFS years I was not into coffee and really tak suka coffee. Masuk je degree, I started to drink coffee like weekly sebab I need it to stay awake and energetic.. In short, the studies really consume a whole lot of your energy so, don't say I didn't warn or advise you to be prepared! If you're used to take 5 subjects in CFS when you entered the main campus, you'll be shocked because you're going to take like 7 subjects with minimum 15 credit hours - your body would be shook at the schedule after lazing for 3 months, you might have problem keeping up with homework and you'd be weirded out at tutorial class ~ because that's me in the first few weeks of lectures. Then I finally picked up with the schedule, adjusting and understand the system with help and motivation from seniors, friends and family.

In my first semester of first year, freshie of course amik basic law 101 classes lah lol so I took:
  1. Law of Contract I
  2. Law of Torts I
  3. Malaysian Legal System
  4. Islamic Legal System
  5. Transaction in Islamic Legal System I

so yeap 5 core courses with 2 university-required subjects, Study Circle and Islam Worldview. These two are mandatory subjects for all IIUM students though. It affects your GPA too so, you can't go 'sambil lewa' or sleep on these. Basically? DO WELL IN EVERY SUBJECTS THAT YOU TOOK LA HAHAH. But the best thing was only in these two classes lah I got to see and talk to students from other kuliyyah. It got boring in aikol sometimes because you practically see the same or familiar faces every day so seeing other faces makes me feel like the world is a bigger place! But actually, if you go to the mosque for prayers you'd feel the same too... like picisan yang baru je start belajo huhuhuhu.

Honestly, I cried several times yo because I was pressured to quickly finish this assignment so I could start doing another assignment. That's typically the case lah sebab I am a perfectionist - some assignments really took extra time for me to finish up. Tambahan lagi, my time management was a bit sucks and I did things ikut mood and dared to procrastinate so kencanglah pressure tu. Heh, salah sendiri kan ha padan muka ngehngeh but I learnt my lessons. Ada time yang I nangis sebab my perfectionist in me disagree with the quality of my work sebab macam cincai and sambil lewa!! To improve the work memang I've no idea how and tak cukup masa to do extra readings as I had other things to siapkan jugak so masa tu rasa macam berperang dengan diri sendiri je! smh I hope for the upcoming semesters, I won't feel that again sebab it sucks and terrible! Luckily, I have these people who always lift me up 
my parents ♡ this pic is  taken on the first day aka registration day!
I wouldn't smile that big if it wasn't for them :)
the hayamers #gengmakangelaksakan
my beautiful, beloved roommates!
the group that function terox at sharing ilmu

my training and midnight companies hehe
Despite the blood, sweat and tears (pi ttam nunmul! :P), I collected good memories with friends and enjoyed the journey. These people are my stress reliever and my happy pills! Thank you for shining your light and inject happiness & fun into my degree life and making law school bearable ♡ 

I learnt a lot lah, not only about law but also about life. cewaaah. Degree life is totally a whole new experience and it's not like what I expected at all. The study style that you used back in SPM and foundation should be improvised or changed completely because studying last minute is really, REALLY TORTure so, you need to prepare your notes thoroughly early before the exam week. Lectures aren't sufficient for exam honestly, extra readings are extremely crucial for understanding.

So, I should have probably really swallowed the fact that if you're a law student, you're practically live with books and do readings constantly and study is not an option dah. It's a must.

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